Finally paint the rear quarters and trunk area

With all the repairs completed to the back half of the car.  I want to protect the area from any future rust.  It’s time to paint the back half of the car with a rust encapsulating paint. The boring part of all this is what seems like endless hours of wire wheeling to remove any loose rust, scale and old […]

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Repairing the wheel well, again

If you have been following along, you may remember (Unless your memory is like mine and you have CRS, “Can’t Remember Sh!t” )  I repaired this wheel well back in August 2012.  The good news is I’m now replacing the whole outer portion with new metal. But first I wanted to clean out the rocker panels, since I have good […]

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Removing the deck filler panel

On the convertible body there is a deck filler panel that fits between the trunk and the area where the convertible top is stowed.  Until early this year this part was not available.  I was glad to see that Dynacorn has released this part.  So I ordered it right away.  Once it arrived I double checked its fit before removing […]

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