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This Blog is about my journey to restomod a 1969 Mustang convertible.

I’m just an average guy, not a bodyman or professional mechanic.  I have built a kit car, and fixed up several old cars, but this is my first ground-up restoration/modified.  I started looking for a Mustang to fix in 2011.  In all I looked at 10 cars and called about several more.

My goal was to find a car that needed some work, but something that did not require replacing all the body panels (As you’ll read in postings that goal was not to come true).  All the experts tell you to buy the best example you can afford, this is the best advice.  The other bit of advice I can give, is be careful of other folks projects.  I looked at a couple of mustangs that were started projects, but the owner lost interest, or got in over their head and did not know how to reassemble the car. be careful of these too.  as the parts are not always labeled, and sometimes lost.  Additionally you may have to redo some of the work.

Eventually in January of 2012 I settled on the car you see in this website.  In April of 2012, I started working on the car, so join me on the journey as I learn what it takes to fully build a restomodded Mustang!

This is the mustang when I first got it. A great 10 foot car.


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