Radiator support, and inner fender wall install, and some misc repairs

A while ago I posted on removing inner fender wall on the passenger side. I you recall I talked about how thin the aftermarket panel that was installed when I got the car, and how the new Dynacorn panel was much better quality.  In this post I’ll cover installing the fenderwell, and the radiator support. To begin I had to mark where all the […]

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Passenger frame rail and radiator support repair

The Passenger frame rail was in much better shape than that drivers side, If you recall I completely replaced the drivers side frame rail. This side only required a new section part to just replace the really bad area. The front most part of the frame has damage from battery acid dripping on it, and from someone drilling holes to access the bumper brace bolts. I started […]

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Winter wonder land, or how to media blast in your garage

Media or sand blasting makes a huge mess. Essentially you force a volume of abrasive media (Baking soda, aluminum oxide, glass, walnut shells, etc.) through a gun with high pressure air. This process generates two effects, one any paint, rust or other soft/loose material is blown away leaving clean metal. And two the media plus whatever it removed is also […]

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