Making the trunk top corner

The trunk top corner, is yet another part of the 69-70 Mustang coupe convertible cars that is not reproduced.  Mine were pretty badly rusted, and additionally had some very sloppy repair work done to them at one point in the cars life.  After going to several car shows and taking some measurement, I found that the 68 coupe/convertible trunk top corner has nearly the same radius for the sealing lip and mating point for the tail panel. the other parts where the quarter panel meets and the tail light panel corner meets are completely different

The photos below show the part I started with, and the progression to a part that will fit the 69-70. The only area I saved was the inside radius that forms the seal for the trunk lid.

The first step was to flatten out the lower section of the part.  This was done with a body hammer and fat plat to start, then I switched to a dolly to do the finer cleanup.  You can see that I flattened out the trunk bumper rest. The placement of the 68 bump and the 69-70 is not in the same place. So a person who really knows the 69-70 cars could spot that.  but it’s pretty subtle.  I also flattened out the curved area that met with the 68 quarter panel.

Next I cut a relief in the part to allow it to conform to the new tail panel corner.  You can also see that I trimmed off a lot of the bottom to have it mate with the 70 tail light panel.  Once all this was in place, I only needed to fill a small ‘V’ shaped area to get a clean mating surface.

using a scrap piece I cut from the 68 part, I welded in the gap, and shaped it to fit.  Then everything was ground down smooth.  Both left and right went very smoothly and need essentially the same work done to them.

The photos above show the finished parts. Compared to some of the other fabrication work that needed to be done on the tail end of my car, this was an easy job.  It turned out lucky that the 68 parts are pretty close, and that they are reproduced.

In my next post I’ll cover reinstalling the deck filler panel.