Finally paint the rear quarters and trunk area

With all the repairs completed to the back half of the car.  I want to protect the area from any future rust.  It’s time to paint the back half of the car with a rust encapsulating paint.

The boring part of all this is what seems like endless hours of wire wheeling to remove any loose rust, scale and old paint.  Any areas that I could not get to with my power sander or angle head air sander were either hand sanded, or I used some leftover sanding drums that I used to port match an intake manifold. The inside of the new quarters and the e-coated wheel wells, were scuffed up to prep them for paint.  I did this not so much to protect but to ensure that everything had the same base coat, and would look consistent.

Below are some before shots.  The last two images are showing the drain holes in the quarter panels.

The pictures show that the Driver side had a drain hole, while the passenger side did not. a simple matter to mark the missing hole in the correct location, then drill a holes at either end of the slot, then use a die grinder to shape it.

With all the parts sanded and ready.  I wiped everything down with a pre-paint solvent.  I use lacquer thinner to remove any grease dirt or paint on bare metal. For the primed parts, like the quarter panels, I use Maxx Solv 5900 wax and grease remover as it does not flash off right away so you can follow wipe up with a clean rag.

For the paint I used Eastwood’s Rust Encapsulating paint.  I thinned it by 20% per the instructions.   Once everything from the rear quarters back was painted, I went back over the door jambs, and other small cavities and sprayed in some frame sealer.

Below are some after shots:

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