Peanut butter and door Jambs

When I was cleaning up the surface rust inside the rear quarter area, I found some rust through holes in the Door jamb area on both sides. I had repaired the drivers side jamb back in July but I did not notice the rust through at that time.  The holes on both the drivers, and passenger side were in the bend just above the door striker.  My guess is that water would pool up there since that area is a sandwich of two metal parts spot welded together. And as any old car owner knows, there was no such thing has rust proofing back then.

I did not want to remove the complete back section of door jamb metal, as it would have been a lot of spot welds, and only part of it is sandwiched together.  so I marked the back part about 1″ below the lowest rust spot, then drilled out the spot welds that held the striker plate assembly.  Then used a cut-off wheel to section it,  and finally removed the backing metal.  You can see all the steps in the photos below:

Before I welded up the rust holes, I took a drill bit that was larger than the rust area, and I cleaned out all the rust holes to get to good metal.  Then using a brass plate as a backer, I welded up the holes.  Any large areas were cut out and new metal was welded in.

Once I was happy I ground everything down smooth, and painted it with weld through primer.  Then I welded the assembly back to together.

With the welding done in that area, I used Eastwoods internal frame sealer and sprayed in every area I could get into.  I also sprayed extra in the sandwich area until it started running out the bottom to help coat any areas I may have missed.

Next time I fabricate the mustang drip pans, which no one seems to reproduce.