Hey is that rust in your trunk.

I started removing the under coating and 44 years of crud from the underside of the trunk area.  I found a few small areas of rust, and a muffler bracket that someone had tried to weld to side of the trunk, but really managed to burn holes through.  as you can see from the photos below the four areas of rust are not very large, and in a some cases it looks like the edge of the gas tank trapped some water and caused most of it.

These patches are pretty straight forward.  I marked them out for cutting, making sure I was in to clean solid metal.  On a couple of them I went a little further to make sure that the gas tank bolts were not in the weld, as welding is very hard and impossible to drill.

Next I cut patches from metal to fit inside the area that was cut out.  The passenger side patch was a little tricky has it is a double bend with a decreasing radius.  To make this part I started with straight piece, and bent it in my vise.  for the larger radius, I used a round punch as a the inside and bent the metal around it.  Then used a body hammer to smooth it.  As us can see in the pictures below, it fits pretty well.  There is a small gap in the top, that I will fill with scrap when I weld it up.

You’ll note in the fourth picture I marked some areas that I did not weld up great.  I went back over those spots and closed them up.  I’ll also use some seam sealer, just in case, on the underside before I paint the bottom of the car.

Here are the finished patches:

Finally in this post, I also found a small rust hole in the frame rail on the drivers side, so I cut it out and patched it.  While I had the area cut out, I removed as much of rust as I could and treated with rust converter.  Otherwise the procedure was same as the above, as you can see in the pictures below.

Next time I will fix the upper door jamb area on the drivers and passenger side.