Repairing the lower door jam

Rusty door jamb
Door jamb rust

Door jamb rust

If you recall in the last post, I showed a picture of the lower door jamb and the rust hole. Today we fix that.

The sequence of pictures below show the steps.  First I cut out the rusted area, you can see that there are two panels sandwiched together, so I cut them out at different places, as shown in photos 3 and 4 to make the repair stronger.  Next I made a cardboard template for both pieces.  You can see in photos 5 – 7 the parts and a final test fit.  The last set of photos show the welded up components.  I used the standard stitch weld that I’ve talked about in several posts to make sure I did not warp the parts.  Once the welding was complete I sanded down the side that would show  and primered everything.


Next time we remove the deck filler panel and repair the drip pan.