Radiator support, and inner fender wall install, and some misc repairs

A while ago I posted on removing inner fender wall on the passenger side. I you recall I talked about how thin the aftermarket panel that was installed when I got the car, and how the new Dynacorn panel was much better quality.  In this post I’ll cover installing the fenderwell, and the radiator support.

Prepping the inner fender wall

Prepping the inner fender wall

To begin I had to mark where all the spot weld holes need to be drilled. I used the assembly manuals to check what Ford had recommended.  Once all the holes were drilled, I sanded the e-coat off around each hole to promote a good weld.    Next I roughed up the e-coat all around the weld area and most of the panel.  Finally I sprayed the panel with weld through primer.

Once the panel was dry, I aligned it on the car by once again mocking up the radiator support and the panel.  I used cleco clips to hold it in place once I had it aligned.  To check the alignment I measured from corner to corner of the engine compartment to ensure that it was square.  I also measured the length of each side.   When I  measured it, I was off by between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch, well inside the 3/16 tolerance.

The images below show the the final welded-in parts.


 Repairing the hood hinge nuts:

It always seems that these little swaged in nuts rust solid.  My car had two broken bolts and the others were drilled out, or twisted out of the inner fender wells.  I ordered a set of replacement hood hinge nuts, and started to repair the sections.  I used a hammer and dolly where I could, to  reshape the metal back to the original shape.  There was one however that too far gone to save. this one I had to cut out and weld a new piece of patch metal in place.  In the picture below you can see how I cut a triangle shaped section out and welded it in.  It’s not an exact match but it’s close and will be hidden by the hinge when everything is assembled.


Wire wheeled off the under coating and surface rust

The last part of this post is really just to show that I removed all the old under coating and surface rust from the remaining original parts.  Once the parts were clean and shiny, I coated the rusted parts with two coats of rust converter.  areas where I needed to weld, like the hood hinge nut panel, were cleaned sanded and primered with weld through primer.  The pictures below show the drivers side.  the passenger side got the same treatment