Back to the Back

With the front end sorted, I moved back to the rear quarters.  If you remember I had started on the trunk area, and then found a lot of rust that had bondo applied over it.  No attempt to repair or weld up.  I ordered new quarters, and in the mean time moved to the front of the car.  No shortage of work to do.

The new doors and rear quarters arrived in late Feb, but the passenger side Door was on backorder for about more 2 months.  No that everything is here and I’ve finished the front, I’ll start cutting rust out on the rear end.

The first step was to strip the old doors of any parts that were useful  either to reuse on the car, or as reference for the replacements.  The photos below show the drivers side door.  In the third photo, I have circled some of the rust holes that were painted over.  The door bottoms looked like a spaghetti colander.  I could have repaired that, and put a new door skin on, but by then I’d have a lot of hours in a door.  Also the new Dynacorn doors have a crash brace installed, so aside from being completely coated inside & out, they should be a bit safer.

With the old doors stripped, I transferred the door locking mechanism and installed new hinges. I then lined up the door to the original quarter panel, so I have a reference when I go to install the new replacement panel.  To make sure I have door and trunk shut lines correct, I also installed the trunk lid.  While I had those parts installed, I decided to treat myself, and installed the front fender and rear end caps, to get an idea of how the car will look once I’m done repairing the body.  Ahhh, should look sharp.

When I went to install the passenger side door, The latch would not install correctly.  The screw holes didn’t line up.  So I had to mark the spots that the latch was hitting on, and carefully grind away enough material to allow a good fit.  I was a bit surprised as the driver side door was a perfect fit.

With the doors and trunk lid aligned, I drilled a small 1/8″ hole in the trunk lid and through the hinge arms, this way I can remove the lid for better repair access, and use the hole to correctly align it when I need to reinstall.  I left the doors on for now, but can do the same trick on them If I need.

Next time I’ll start removing the old quarter panels.