Making my own trunk nut inserts

Trunk-Hinges_Inserts While I wait for my body panels to arrive, there is still plenty to do on the car.  When I was disassembling the car, I found that the trunk lid was attached with nuts that were JB welded to the hinge.  Ford had originally used an insert as pictured on the left.  This slid down inside the hinge, which is a square tube.  This allowed for some movement to align the lid. The real problem is that these parts are not sold separately  you must by a hinge kit.  To make matters  more interesting, they only sell fastback hinge kits.  I think this is do to the fact that the coupe / Convertible have the hinges welded in, and bolted in like the fastbacks.

So that leaves me to fabricating my own.  It turns out that the parts are very simple to make.  Like in my prior posts, I first made a cardboard template.  Then using the cut-off wheel I trimmed some scrap material to size.

I welded 1/4 – 20 nuts to the inserts, as that matches the factory bolts that were used.  I then bent the tabs on the ends up, and trimmed one end to fit inside the hinge, and the other end to catch on the notch that is cut in the hinge.  If you look at the first picture in this post, Trial fityou will see that one end of the tab is longer than the other. This is to prevent the nut insert from slipping all the way down the hinge.  After some adjust ment, I had the insert fitting correctly and aligning with the bolt holes as you can see on the right.  When I was test fitting I did notice that the insert would move in and out when I tried to insert a bolt.  Since this could prove frustrating when trying to hold the trunk lid and get a bolt started, I welded a second tab on the insert near the top.  My guess is that Ford had notched the insert so that the tab would only engage so far on the top of the hinge, and thus prevent it from sliding in and out as the bolt was inserted.

After that making a second was much quicker.  Once done, I painted them satin black, to prevent any rust from forming.  I plan to clean out and coat the hinges too, but that will be later, When I’m sealing seams and coating the interior of the body.