Seam sealer trial

Front foot well

When I bought the Lords Fusor bonding adhesive, I also picked up a tube of the Fusor brushable Seam sealer to seal up my welds, and the factory seam once I was complete.  I decided to try it out on the floor pan welds, since I was finished with that part of the car for a while.

The seam sealer requires that you have bare metal to promote the best seal and adhesion.  It comes in a tube and uses the same gun as the Fusor adhesive.  I used my cup wire wheel, and went over the seams until they were shiny metal.  Just to be double sure, I then wiped them down with a lint free cloth damp with lacquer thinner.  To apply the material, I took a standard 1″ wide paint brush and trimmed the bristles down to about half their length.  Once ready I loaded the seam sealer in the gun and squeezed out enough of the material to get an even mix.  The supply center told me that the stuff will never harden if it is not mixed properly, so it’s best to squeeze about 3″ or so out until it is a uniform color.

Then I just applied it to the area, and followed up with the brush to even it out.  It took some trial and error to apply the correct amount to get an even looking application.  Oh, and just like the Bonding adhesive, this should be the last thing you do on the car for while.  If it is not, it will be, this stuff smells terrible and will drive out.  Good thing it dries in about 1-2 hours, and the smell dissipates.