A Rusty Day in the Neighborhood

From the last post, you saw my trunk repairs got interrupted, when I noticed the rust in the lower corner of the extension panel.  This prompted me to take the wire wheel to other areas of the rear quarters.  As the pictures below show, it was not a pretty sight.  Why, oh why, do folks think Bondo is a way to repair rust?

Oh well, at lest now I don’t have to fret about the lower quarter repair job and how to deal with it.  I will have two new rear quarters, a tail panel, both doors, and front fenders to order.  It’s getting so that there will be little left of the original car when I’m done.  but I know I will have accessed every nook and cranny, and eliminated, or treated any rust.  I think my nickname should be the rustenator, or you could say the car is having a rust–outa–me.  OK enough PUNishment for one post.  I’m off to get prices, and see how much is in the piggy bank for this newest chalenge.