Repairing the Cowl

Comparison of the original and new parts

The lower part of the cowl where the air vents are located also had a some rust.  The passenger side was easy, just a small rust hole.  I cut out the rust, made a patch part.  Then stitch welded it in place.  The first five pictures show the steps.  If you have been following along, this is the same process used on several areas of the car to fix small rust holes.

The drivers side is more of a problem.  If you look at the picture “Larger rust-out drivers side” part of the vent mounting area is rusted away.  Also the hexagonal area is damaged.  To repair this, I first was hoping that someone like Dynacorn had a replacement panel.  No luck  it seems that Dynacorn has the part but only uses it on their complete body assembly and does not sell the part separately. Bummer.   After a web search I did find a Boss 302 restoration site, where the author details building a buck to make a patch panel for the missing area.  I took inspiration from his assembly, to build my own buck to create a patch panel.  after tapping out the part, I trimmed it to fit, and welded it in.  Not perfect, but darn close.