Replace the front torque box

Torque box clamped in place

Installing the torque boxes is not easy.  There area you are working in is tight.  I also bought the already assembled torque boxes. I have no idea how you are supposed to put them in the car, but I could not figure out how to get the assembled torque box installed.  Oh well back to drilling out more spot welds….

Once the torque box was cut in to two parts, I was able to get the parts in place.  This also helped me with the prep work as I could get a good coating of weldable primer everywhere.

Next I test fit for torque box, to make sure everything was still square, and a good fit.  I also used some lipstick (If you must know I prefer a bright red, or pink) on the inner frame rail tabs to make sure they were contacting the torque box, and to mark where I needed to drill the spot weld holes.

While test fitting I noticed that there was an extra lip on the side of the torque box that rest against the inner frame rail.  Not sure why it’s there, and it was not there on the original, so it got cut off.  With the test fitting done and all the spot weld holes were drilled and the locations marked for proper alignment, it was time to clamp the torque box into place.

I’m not sure you can own too many welding clamps, or styles of them.  As you can see in the photos, I used many of the clamps I have.  the torque box is a challenge since it ties the rocker frame to the front engine chassis frame.  This requires that it be positioned to take stress from both components.  the clamps hold it in place to form the triangle, and to clamp it to each of the frame rails.  Once I was happy with it’s position, I started welding it in place.  Again like the inner frame rail, I welded it in several locations to avoid warping and to hold it securely in place.

If you look closely in the second picture you will see that part of the fire wall has some pretty large holes from removing the old torque box.  once everything was in place, I had to grind the excess welding down from filling those holes.  Once all that was smoothed out, I can move on to installing the floor and seat pans.