Patching floor rust

Patch welded in place

The rear floor under the back seat had some rust, but not enough for me to want to tackle replacing it.  I decided to cut out the bad areas and weld in patches to repair this area.  this turned out to be fairly straight forward as there are no multiple angles nor extra stampings, etc to recreate.

The hardest part was cutting the convertible brace out.  I really struggled with this one.  I first looked at remove the whole brace, but it is one of the first parts installed on a convertible, and so under neath a lot of the other bracing on the rear.  After reading several articles on-line and talking to friend in the body business, I decided to cut it, make the repair and later weld it back in.

In the photos below you can see I cut the frame rail at a point where it would be easy to weld back together, and far enough up to allow me to patch the rust.  Next I used a cut off wheel to trim out the rusted parts.  I cut a bit extra, one to get far away from the rust, and two to allow me to make an easier shape for the patch.  As you can see the photos, everything was again wire brushed down, and treated to stop further rusting.

Making the patch is pretty easy.  I used a piece of cardboard (the poster board stuff, not corrugated), and a contour gauge to create a template.  The template was then transferred to metal. I used 19 gauge steel and cut to fit. The part was painted with weldable primer,  as you can see the last photo, and butt welded it in place. Additionally I recreated the spot welds on the torque box, and the frame.  I will weld the brace back in after I have put seam sealer on the joint between the wheel well and the floor.