Removing windshield trim, wiper assembly, and weatherstripping


Now with the Dash out, we can remove the weatherstripping and windshield trim.

To remove the weatherstripping from the door, remove the screws that are hidden under the rubber edge.   If yours are in good shape you may want to try to save them.  they are about $125 a side, the convertible parts a unique and very expensive compared to the coupe/Fast back.

The plastic trim on the inside of the windshield is held on by two screws.  One near the top is easy to get at, the lower one in hidden behind the dash pad.  If you’ve been following along you should have the dash pad, and under heater core, etc. removed, the plastic trim is easy to remove now.  See the photo below for the location of the lower screw.

The stainless steel trim around the windshield is fairly straight forward, make sure you take plenty of pictures of the screws and clips. The trim on the lower part of the windshield is held in place with clips that are under the cowl panel.  Remove the screws the hold cowl panel.  With the cowl panel removed you should see the clips as shown in windshield-trim.  The trim on the sides is held on with screws, just remove the screws.  The trim on the top of the windshield needs to be removed from inside the car.  so remove the sun visors and  trim from inside the car.  this will expose several holes that have nuts attached to studs on the trim.  Using a 5/32 nut driver, remove the nuts, be careful as the studs are just lightly spot welded to the stainless, and can break loose.

With all the screws and nuts removed, the trim should lift off, work it slowly around the windshield, and it will come off in parts at the seams.

Removing the wiper motor and arm actuators requires removal of several bolts.  I have highlighted them in the photo Wiper – assembly.  push the wiring grommet back in the hole and fee the wires through.  once everything is loose, you should be able to slide it all out through the hole where the wiper motor was located.  If you want you can disconnect the wiper arm assembly from the motor, by removing the clip and the nut from the motor.  This will allow the actuator arm to come loose.  Now you can remove the two parts, again through the hole where the motor was located.