Stripping the floor

Floor Pan covered in caulking

During disassembly you may recall me talking about how the floor pans were covered in a caulking like under coating.  The day has finally come to remove enough of the material to work on the floor pans.

My first attempt was with a heat and scraper, you can see the test area in the first picture.  This was moving very slowly, and the caulking was giving off some nasty fumes.  Next I changed to an angle grinder with a 4 1/2 inch wire wheel.  I finally settled on using  the twisted rope wire wheels, and cups as the straight, or crimped wire wheels shed wire and wore our very fast.

I was glad that I wear gloves and a full face safety shield as the caulking and wire bits were sailing everywhere.  The stripping process took the better part of a day. and reveled that the passenger side looked like Swiss cheese.  This was a very dirty job,  My wife would not let me in the house until I had stripped down, and removed most of the dirt while I was in the garage.  Good thing I have a large sink to clean up in.

I knew the drivers side needed work as I could see the bad patch job that was awhile ago when I first inspected the car.   You can see in the last photo that the passenger side has almost rusted through at the seam where the fire wall meets the floor pan.  The rear foot well area on the passenger side looks like Swiss cheese.  Next up: Lets start cutting metal!