Removing the front suspension

Complete suspension

Today I tackled the front suspension.

The most dangerous and hardest part of this job is removing the front springs.  On Ford cars, teh spring is very long, and when you compress it, it wants to walk all over the place.  The trick I learned is to use some muffler clamps along with your spring compressor.  Place the muffler clamp about midway down on the spring and around the bolt of the spring compressor.  This will help keep the spring from shifting around as you tighten the compressor.  Be very careful and keep any finger, arms etc. from between the spring and any part of the car.  if the spring should slip or pop free from its perch it will launch with enough force to break bone.

Once the Spring is removed you can began removing the other suspension parts.  Again, place any bolts you remove in to zip lock bags, label them and cable tie them to the parts.  Note in the picture below, I found some rust hiding under the a arm.  Most likely water had been left standing and rotted it’s way through.