Removal of the convertible top and frame


Removing the convertible top is easy.  It is a two man job as the top is quite heavy and large.  During the removal you will raising and lowering the top, so if you have a power top, you will want to get a battery and cables to attach to the pump motor to help with raising and lowering the top.

The first step is to raise the top to give you access to the be able to remove the well liner.  Once the well liner is out you can gain access to the top and it’s workings.

Now remove the lower tack strips.  These are the strips that hold the lower part of the top to the body of the car, they are also what the well liner was screwed to.   Try to get these off intact as they are hard to find and can be expensive to replace.

At this point the lower part of the top should be free.  If you have a power top, now is a good time disconnect the hydraulic piping.  have an old oil bottle, or other container to catch the fluid and keep from having a huge mess to clean up.

I lowered the top back into the well and ran two ratcheting tie down straps around the top and the frame to keep it all together.  Now is when you’ll want a friend to hep you.  The top is held onto the car with six bolts, three on each side as shown in the photo Top removal.  With your friend stabilizing the top, you can remove the six bolts.  The top can be removed by lifting pretty much straight up and out.  You may have to shift a bit to clear the lift spring, or Hydraulic cylinders as they extend down quite a ways.

Set the in a safe place until you are ready to have a new vinyl top installed.  I don’t recommend that you take the top any further apart at this time, as it is a rather precision part, and you can mess up the alignment, or lose some key parts.