Disassembly Middle

Seats removed

Today I tackled the middle portion of the car.  If you recall, or are just joining, I started dissembling at the front of the car and am working my way toward the trunk.  This way I keep all the parts together for a given part of the car.

The first step was to remove the doors.  Before I started removing any bolts,  I placed some jack stands on the frame rails at the correct height, in case the car is weak and with the doors removed starts to sag.   I then sprayed every bolt I planned to remove with WD40 the night before I started.  I sprayed them again as I started removing them.   I also checked the hinges for play, there was some, so that I could determine if I needed to get any parts before reassembling.  Next I carefully photographed each hinge close up to get an accurate view of the shims and position of the hinge.  This is needed since I will be media blasting the body, and will not be able to mark the position.

Once that was done I removed the doors.  The door panels were already removed, and in the trunk when I bought the car.  But I choose not to dissemble the rest of the doors at this time.  I figured it was easier to store the door together (glass, regulator, guides, …) to help make it easier to service each door at one shot.  The striker plate was hard to remove.  I’m not sure it was ever removed before, You can see that it was painted over with blue paint.  It took a few really good whacks with an impact screwdriver to get the Screws loosened.  I did mangle one of the screws, not too much of a worry as I plan on ordering a master bolt kit to get all new hardware for the car.

Next up was removing the seats and carpeting.  This was very straight forward, so I won’t spend any time on it.  As you can see once I had all the carpeting removed I found a nasty surprise.  Someone had put some sort of sealant over the the whole floor pan.  This was about the consistency of  bathroom chalking.  And would take many hours to remove with an angle grinder with a wire brush head, and lots of hand scraping.

Next up removing the dash.