Removing the old, Rusty metal — Passenger Side

Passenger torque box rear

Before I cut any material out of the car, I leveled the chassis, and put jack stands under the frame rails.  I also installed a cross brace between the mounting points for the top. I then checked the measurements against Ford’s frame alignment spec (See first picture).   To double check I also measured the distance from the trunk hing mounting bracket […]

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Removing windshield trim, wiper assembly, and weatherstripping


Now with the Dash out, we can remove the weatherstripping and windshield trim. To remove the weatherstripping from the door, remove the screws that are hidden under the rubber edge.   If yours are in good shape you may want to try to save them.  they are about $125 a side, the convertible parts a unique and very expensive compared to the […]

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Disassembly Middle

Seats removed

Today I tackled the middle portion of the car.  If you recall, or are just joining, I started dissembling at the front of the car and am working my way toward the trunk.  This way I keep all the parts together for a given part of the car. The first step was to remove the doors.  Before I started removing any […]

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