Finally I pick up the car

Today I borrowed a friends trailer and went to pick up the car.


The seller was a super guy, and had the car ready for me to load on the trailer.   He even threw in some extra parts he had from other restorations he had worked on.  His Shop was a great place to visit.  Lots of vintage Mustang parts.  He has restored about 10 Mustangs over the years, so he had a lot of good advie for me to get started.  Once the car was loaded, we started on the long journey home.  It was interesting to see the looks and thumbs up we got on the drive home.

With the car finally home, and off the trailer.  I finally get to drive it.  Yippie, a total of about 1/4 mile (Not the kind I hope to do when finished.)  This drive told me a lot about the car.  the brakes sort of worked, no power steering (Everything was there, but not working).  So essentially the drive was at about 10 miles an hour, and slower when I pulled it in the garage.

Now that the car is in the garage, I can start documenting the parts, and begain dissassembly.