Disassembly begins

Disassembly is the easy part.  I started at the front of the car and worked my toward the back.  By working in a set order, you can catalog all the parts (Buy a lot of different sizes of zip lock bags) and keep parts that belong together near each other for storage.  Remember some of these parts you may not look at again for a year, so you want to find them again when you need them.

As you can see I removed the front fenders, Keep track of any spacers, and photograph them as you go.  you will need them again to make sure the fenders line back up when you start reassembling.  Next I removed all the extra bit from the engine compartment, drained and removed the radiator, etc.  Finally I cut the exhaust out of the car.  and drained the fuel tank.

At this point the motor is ready for removal.



When removing the motor, don’t forget to remove the engine harness, and the ground cable.  Also plug the transmission drive shaft end to limit the amount of fluid that leaks out.