Welcome to my journey to restore a 1969 mustang

I bought my 1969 Mustang Convertible from Craigslist in the end of January 2012.  The title was missing, so I waited until the seller could wade through all the red tape to get a new title issued from the state.  Due to the current theft, and vehicle forgery laws, this process took over 3 months, and I actually did not pickup the vehicle until early April of 2012.  I really appreciate all the effort the seller went through.  The car had be inspected by the state police, and several DMV officials.   I was very amazed at the amount of time he spent running to their office, or meeting them to have the car looked at again.  the lesson to take from this is: if you misplace the title, get it replaced right away.  Don’t wait for years to get it reissued.

This is the mustang when I first saw the ad

Driver Side Interior